Oct 152012

Rajendra Chetty


Professor Rajendra was elected as the President of the English Academy of Southern Africa at the Council meeting held in September 2012.

Rajendra is Head of Department (Research) in the Faculty of Education and Social Sciences at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. His areas of research include postcolonial writings, literacy and language, and social issues in education.

His doctoral study on English Education looked at Foucauldian discourse formation in the teaching of South African literature in higher education institutions. He attended seminars by Paulo Freire and Ira Shor on critical educational studies and completed a course in the Theatre of the Oppressed under the direction of Augusto Boal at the University of Nebraska (Omaha).

He has published two seminal works on South African Indian writings and a reviewer described the Vintage book of South African Indian writing (2010) as a quintessential collection – ‘the narratives coalesce to establish a foundation for a rich tapestry of the unfinished business of a collective, multi-vocal and heterogeneous South African history’.  Transnationalism and diaspora formed the leitmotif of the two books he has co-edited with international experts in the area of commonwealth literature, while the third text addressed the theme of trauma, resistance and reconstruction in post-1994 South African writing.

Rajendra’s international scholarship is extensive. He taught at the University of Humboldt (California), Coventry University and Brunswick College (North Carolina), where he served as the first international visiting scholar. He taught courses on South African writings at the University of Trivandrum and the Federal University of Brazil in Rio.  In 2010 he was invited as visiting professor to Northern Michigan University and the University of Gothenburg.

He served on the conference secretariat of the International Mobility, Language and Literacy Conference held in January 2011 in Cape Town, and as conference coordinator of the International Literacy, Language and Literature Conference hosted by the English Academy in September 2011.  He is currently chairperson of the Western Cape Provincial Language Committee.



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